Agency Adoptions: Your Legal Advocate

Supporting You Through An Agency Adoption

At Herrin & Leach we provide services for parents in a wide variety of adoption types; from babies not yet born to newborns, infants, toddlers, children and teens. We work with families who are working with an agency in addition to offering private adoption services. Agency adoptions offer potential benefits such as a trained staff, available counseling and on-site support services.

An Advocate For You

Agencies offer many useful service to adopt parents and birth parents but it is still essential to work with a skilled adoption attorney. At Herrin & Leach we work with you to ensure that you understand every aspect of the agency adoption process and that all required documents and paperwork are filled out in accordance with Indiana state statutes and regulations. Having an attorney who understands the agency adoption process can also prevent errors, mishaps and misunderstandings that can delay the adoption process or surface even years later.

The adoption-only firm of John Herrin and Nathan Leach has been working with adoption agencies, parents and families for decades. We have established ties and networks and understand the ins and outs of the Indiana adoption process.

Whether you are working with a private or public adoption agency Herrin & Leach can offer experienced help, support and guidance every step of the way.

Ensuring A Smooth Process

Working with an experienced adoption attorney through your agency adoption process ensures that:

  • Your paperwork is complete and correctly filed.
  • You have counsel and representation through hearings.
  • You are prepared for home visits.
  • You are legally supported during any and all adoption proceedings.

A Free, No-Commitment Consultation

Adoption is a joyous occasion. The road to adoption can be made easier with a skilled and experienced adoption-only firm by your side. Call the Herrin & Leach Indianapolis office to set up an informational appointment to see how we can ensure that your agency adoption goes as smoothly as possible. Call 317-566-2174 to speak with an experienced adoption lawyer or fill out this online contact form.